Sunday, November 27, 2005


Three Part Series on about the Kabbalah Centre's Dark Secrets

A very in depth report is now at about the Kabbalah Centre.
Links: Part One Part Two Part Three

The global Kabbalah Center prides itself on being the largest organization in the world for spreading Kabbalah studies. The organization has 50 branches worldwide, including five in Israel. About 3.5 million people across the globe attended courses at the Center in recent years. A BBC investigative report earlier this year described the Center as a cult that has mastered the art of bilking its members.

Ruth Bronshtat (48) of Carmiel was a member of the Kabbalah Center for eight years, where she says she lost all of her belongings. “We were taught by senior staff and the more experienced members to recognize the problems of the person who came to visit the Center and who stood in front of us. For example, if they were single or sick, we would pass that information on to the lecturers. That way they could take money from them and promise them a good life. There was a very good chance that such people would bring money with them to the Center to donate. Of course, in addition, we would distribute leaflets and sign people up for money on the street. Once I got someone to donate NIS 5,000 (close to USD 1,000), another time NIS 3,000 (about USD 850). Those kinds of sums,” she said.

Ynetnews - Culture - Kabbalah's (dark) secrets

Monday, November 21, 2005


Ritchi Ditches Kabbalywood Kult

Here is big news. But what is REMARKABLE iks that they call Kabbalah a kind of religion. Ritchie did a great movie with some pretend Jews called Snatch. Maybe he finally realized that his fake Jews in the movie were even more Jewish than his teachers in Kabbalywood. Is this the end of the pair? Clearly she is hook, like and sinker, a cult member, and he is slipping out. What will be?
Ritchie Ditches Kabbalah
By WENN|Monday, November 21, 2005

HOLLYWOOD - Director Guy Ritchie is reportedly turning his back on the Kabbalah, risking the fury of his religious wife Madonna.
The Revolver filmmaker fears studying the mystical offshoot of Judaism has done him no favors professionally, and is now attempting to distance himself from the faith.

A pal says, "I think Guy is finally realizing that following Kabbalah hasn't been his greatest career move.

"He has been notably less enthusiastic about it of late and has apparently been staying away from the Kabbalah Center."

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Guy Ritchie Ditches Kabbalah ::

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