Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Brit Dumps Kabbalah in Favor of Hindus

Check out the latest. Brit, the most famous face except for Madonna for the Kabob Centre of Bev Hillel, has taken our jokes too seriously. We only called it the Kabob Centre to distiguish that it was in NO WAY connected to real kabbalah. So now it appears that Brit has taken the kabob thing and gone all the way. She is going Hindu.

Brit, Hindu is for you. They have all sort of Gds you can align yourself with. They love cows and yoga, and reject materialism completely. I mean totally reject it. Their Holy Men give it all up and roll in the streets. Something that the leaders of the Kabob centre are not planning on doing. Unless they are rolling in their own bev hills mansions.

So here for one is one totally supportive Rabbi saying, "Go Hindu Brit! You'll love it and it will be good for your soul!

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