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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Kabbalah Should be synonymous with God, not Britney

A real sign that the Kabbalah centre is not driven by spirit but by cash is that instead of making Kabbalah associated with Torah & God, it is synonymous today with Kabbalywood.

Kabbalah Makes Its Way To Chicago: Kabbalah Centers Popping Up In The Midwest

Antonio Mora

(CBS) CHICAGO Hollywood stars often speak out about their devotion to their religion: Mel Gibson's Catholicism, Richard Gere's Buddhism, and Tom Cruise's Scientology.

Now, Madonna is leading the trend toward Hollywood's new wisdom, a trend that's made its way to Chicago. CBS 2's Antonio Mora reports.

It’s all the rage in Hollywood. Madonna, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher all say they’ve found religion in the ancient and mystical study of Kabbalah.

And respect to Rabbi Sherwin Wein who is quoted:
"Kabbalah is being presented as a kind of new age philosophy. One of the greatest messages of Kabbalah is that it's not about you. It's rather about God and your relationship to God," Sherwin said.

It’s all the rage in Hollywood. Madonna, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher all say they’ve found religion in the ancient and mystical study of Kabbalah.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Red string could not be patented, so they made this!

Once upon a time, the Red String was enough, now you have to have it encased in plastic, I guess so it doesnt wear out. Silly. Nothing to do with mysiticism, Kabbalah or Judiasm. Does hae a lot to do with marketing and greed though.

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The Kabbalah Center (KC), which includes Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Roseanne and other celebrity members, has marketed another product that may soon catch on as a practical replacement for its often touted “Red String.”

Bangle for sixty bucks

Bangle for sixty bucks

The “authentic Red String from Jerusalem” is now embedded in a resin bracelet.Potential buyers are being told the bracelet “is meant to show devotion to the mystical practice and to offer protection from negative energy” says Deidre Woollard at Luxist.

However, the new wrist wear/ware will be sold for twice the price of the old model. The regular “Red String” is $26.00, but those that want the new “bangle” will need to cough up sixty bucks.

This is yet one more product to add to the ever-growing list of retail merchandise marketed by the KC that includes candles, incense, soap, bath oil, an energy drink and of course that very special “Kabbalah Water.”

Sunday, March 12, 2006


There goes the neighborhood

Why does she have to look in one of my favorite towns? Please Madonna, do us a favor and buy a house in Dimona!

Pop icon looking for house in town of Rosh Pina so she can be there when Messiah passes through neighborhood

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Pellicano worked with Lawyer for Kabob Centre

This month a 60-page criminal indictment came down on Hollywood PI Anthony Pellicano. The alleged wiretapper “was trying to gain a tactical advantage for his clients by uncovering embarrassing information on their courtroom opponents” reports the Los Angeles Times.

More interesting is that LA lawyer Bert Fields, well known for his hardball legal maneuvers, is apparently implicated.

“The names cited in an indictment of private eye Anthony Pellicano read like a road map leading to Bertram Fields and his famous clients” reported the Times.

Among the famous that Fields has represented are stars Tom Cruise and John Travolta. He also took up the cause of Madonna’s Kabbalah Centre, when the controversial group was exposed through a Radar Magazine series.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


Its Oscar week, so look out for Red String!

Lohan opened the show wearing a B&W Valentino gown, stomping down the runway (trailed by a silver Saturn Sky convertible) to the snarling strains of The Pretenders' “Precious.” Then she blew a big mmwwah to photographers, revealing a red string cabala bracelet.

Oh no, they've got her too!

Monday, February 27, 2006


The Cheapening of Kabbalah

Thanks to the Kabbalah Center, and its incursion into Hollywood, we now have headlines like this:
index-img.jpgForget Kabbalah: "Media agnosticism" the new Hollywood religion - and its unions' newest Satan
One of the Big Five talent agencies, ICM, had just launched "a global branded entertainment division," and hired The Weinstein Company's Lori Sale to run it. "ICM will not represent brands, but the agency will work with them, creating matches for the talent and intellectual property which the agency does rep," Sale said. "We will be agnostic, working with any brand, its talent agency or media-placement agency that represents it."
On a positive note, maybe this will mar kthe end of Kabbalywood.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Brit Dumps Kabbalah in Favor of Hindus

Check out the latest. Brit, the most famous face except for Madonna for the Kabob Centre of Bev Hillel, has taken our jokes too seriously. We only called it the Kabob Centre to distiguish that it was in NO WAY connected to real kabbalah. So now it appears that Brit has taken the kabob thing and gone all the way. She is going Hindu.

Brit, Hindu is for you. They have all sort of Gds you can align yourself with. They love cows and yoga, and reject materialism completely. I mean totally reject it. Their Holy Men give it all up and roll in the streets. Something that the leaders of the Kabob centre are not planning on doing. Unless they are rolling in their own bev hills mansions.

So here for one is one totally supportive Rabbi saying, "Go Hindu Brit! You'll love it and it will be good for your soul!

Saturday, December 03, 2005


VHI Jewtastic, Going to speak about Kabbalah

It isn't enough that Jews are being patronized and tokenified by American popular culture, shishka-bobbed across the world by mad, foaming at the mouth Islamonazis, and denied access to Mecca, now VH1 a channel that should only be doing videos is about to unleash a Jewish show.

Can you hear the shmaltz?

Apparently Jackie Mason will be by to make sure this is another joke. And does anyone want to be more Jewish from watching a group of actors whose only ting in common is that they have married out?

I'll stop kvetching a get the shnapps.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


Three Part Series on about the Kabbalah Centre's Dark Secrets

A very in depth report is now at about the Kabbalah Centre.
Links: Part One Part Two Part Three

The global Kabbalah Center prides itself on being the largest organization in the world for spreading Kabbalah studies. The organization has 50 branches worldwide, including five in Israel. About 3.5 million people across the globe attended courses at the Center in recent years. A BBC investigative report earlier this year described the Center as a cult that has mastered the art of bilking its members.

Ruth Bronshtat (48) of Carmiel was a member of the Kabbalah Center for eight years, where she says she lost all of her belongings. “We were taught by senior staff and the more experienced members to recognize the problems of the person who came to visit the Center and who stood in front of us. For example, if they were single or sick, we would pass that information on to the lecturers. That way they could take money from them and promise them a good life. There was a very good chance that such people would bring money with them to the Center to donate. Of course, in addition, we would distribute leaflets and sign people up for money on the street. Once I got someone to donate NIS 5,000 (close to USD 1,000), another time NIS 3,000 (about USD 850). Those kinds of sums,” she said.

Ynetnews - Culture - Kabbalah's (dark) secrets

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