Monday, March 13, 2006


Red string could not be patented, so they made this!

Once upon a time, the Red String was enough, now you have to have it encased in plastic, I guess so it doesnt wear out. Silly. Nothing to do with mysiticism, Kabbalah or Judiasm. Does hae a lot to do with marketing and greed though.

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The Kabbalah Center (KC), which includes Madonna, Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Roseanne and other celebrity members, has marketed another product that may soon catch on as a practical replacement for its often touted “Red String.”

Bangle for sixty bucks

Bangle for sixty bucks

The “authentic Red String from Jerusalem” is now embedded in a resin bracelet.Potential buyers are being told the bracelet “is meant to show devotion to the mystical practice and to offer protection from negative energy” says Deidre Woollard at Luxist.

However, the new wrist wear/ware will be sold for twice the price of the old model. The regular “Red String” is $26.00, but those that want the new “bangle” will need to cough up sixty bucks.

This is yet one more product to add to the ever-growing list of retail merchandise marketed by the KC that includes candles, incense, soap, bath oil, an energy drink and of course that very special “Kabbalah Water.”

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