Sunday, October 16, 2005


Ashton and Demi

There is always stuff in the news these days about Kabbalah. Of cours, as we have seen in the 20/20 video, some of the stuff is very phony.

The latest joke is the wedding of Demi and Ashton in a "kabbalah Ceremony".

The pair exchanged vows in a traditional Kabbalah ceremony in front of 45 friends and family members, including Demi's three daughters and Ashton's "That '70s Show" costars Danny Masterson and Wilmer Valderrama, at their Beverly Hills home on Sept. 24.
What in the world is a Traditional Kabbalah Ceremony? Oy Vey! If they mean a wedding, well that has nothing to do with the kabbalah. If they mean Kabbalah center, well it has nothing to do with Judaism. What in the world do they mean? They don't even know themselves. They just regurgitate whatever the PR people from the stars tell them. And thats the news.

Why is Everyone against the Kabbalah Centre! It has profoundly transformed my life. Like Madonna I have "reinvented myself" I will leave you with this from the Kabbalah Centere's Zohar Project: Inevitably, world peace will arrive. That is our destiny. How we arrive at that ultimate destination is totally up to us. The Zohar says that we have two paths - The Path of Torment or the Path of Pleasantness. Sharing Zohars, giving Light, and accepting our responsibility in the world is how we choose the Path of Pleasantness.

I guess they are'nt that bad after all!!!
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